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The recent pandemic forced schools, colleges, universities, and different types of institutions to move online with instructors conducting lessons on various kinds of learning management systems (LMS). Needless to say, we saw an exponential growth in the industry of eLearning.

According to recent eLearning industry analysis, the eLearning market was worth $107 billion in 2015, $190 billion in 2018, and is expected to exceed $300 Billion by 2025.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo! were swarmed with user searches that included “online learning”, “How to create an online learning academy?” and “How to earn money by creating online courses?”

Contrary to popular belief, building an online eLearning academy isn’t as difficult as it sounds, especially when using a CMS like WordPress. If you’re still confused about why you should start your own venture, here a couple of benefits of running an online academy:

  • When you build an online learning academy, you save a huge amount on physical infrastructure and administration expenses.
  • You can reach out to a wider audience and possibly cater to international students as well.
  • You can facilitate learners to learn new skills and subjects with better safety and comfort of their home.
  • Learners can learn at their own pace without facing any pressure like they usually experience on campus.
  • You can hire teachers and instructors from anywhere in the world without bearing any extra cost for their traveling and living.
  • You have complete freedom to create your academic courses and sell them directly to interested students with a better profit margin. Once your WordPress website is set up, the very first step is to find a Learning Management Systems (LMS) that will transform your regular website into an educational website. Now, there are several LMS plugins out there that will do the job; however, we recommend using the premium plugin, and EDIVENTLY is the best option to fulfill all your eLearning business requirements.

    Why choose Evidently?

    Edivently is an attractive option for individuals and organizations that want to sell online courses. This WordPress plugin works with any modern theme, so users retain creative control. Build courses with tiers to organize material. Offer free courses or accept payment as a one-time fee or subscription. Users can also set class expiration dates, review stats on the dashboard, and drip feed content to learners.

    Edivently Turns WordPress into an Online Course Marketplace

    Edivently LMS makes it easy for anyone to sell courses online through a WordPress site. The platform has become popular among businesses because it offers an effective way to create and manage a web presence.

    Edivently harnesses the power of WordPress by giving users the tools they need to generate revenue without extensive knowledge of coding. Anyone can build an online academy with custom content that includes access settings, sample lessons, and more.

    How to install evidently? – a step-by-step guide on how to add courses and lessons

Go to WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin.
Attach the downloaded file to the ‘Choose File‘ option
Click on ‘Install Now

install plugin


#1 Go to Edivently LMS and click “Add Course” to customize your content according to your requirements.
#2 Set the Title, Subtitle, Description of your course.
#3 Select an option from course Access Type (Free, Paid, and Subscription)
#4 You have an option to create your own Categories, Levels, Languages, and Tags; there is no restriction on how they are named.

  • Click on the “Add Category” button to create a new category.
  • Click on the “Add Language” button to create a new language.
  • Click on the “Add Level” button to create a new level.
  • You can add a number of Tags using comma separated for the course, and students can set a featured image for their courses.

#5 Make sure to click on the “Save Draft” option for your course landing page.

Creating Quizes


The quiz feature gives you the option to create Multiple Choice Quizzes to test your Students.

1. Click the “+ Quiz” button to create a new quiz

Enter your quiz title

2. Enter your quiz title.

Making Assignments

3. Click on Add (+) icon to expand the quiz panel and insert details as per your requirement.

4. Click on Add (+) Question” button to create multiple choice questions and select the correct answer.

Making Assignments


Admin can click the assignment section in their curriculum to test your student’s knowledge. Here are some steps which help you to create an assignment.

1. Create a new assignment by clicking on the “+ Assignment” button.

Enter your assignment title

2. Enter your “Assignment” title.

assignment panel area

3. Click on the Add (+) icon to expand the assignment panel area.

explanation of your assignment

4. You can create a detailed explanation of your assignment by clicking on the “+ Content” button and

5. Also, you can add learning materials and resources by clicking on the “+ Material” button.

add learning materials

Edivently has four types of categories:

A. Course Categories
B. Course Languages
C. Course Levels
D. Course Tags

A. Course Categories

  • Navigate to Edivently LMS and click “Course Categories.”
  • On the categories page, you can add a new category by using the following options like Name, Slug, Parent category, and Description.
  • In the right section, you can manage your existing categories.Course LanguagesB. Course Languages
  • Go to Edivently LMS and click “Course Languages.”
  • Add a new language and manage existing ones.Course Levels    C. Course Levels
    •  Go to Edivently LMS and click “Course Levels.”
    • Add a new course level.Course TagsD. Course Tags
      • Go to Edivently LMS and click “Course Tags.”
      • Add a new tag as per your requirement


      PayPal Payment Option:
      a. Enter your PayPal account email.
      b. Enable PayPal Sandbox.
      c. Enter Your License Key.
      d. Make sure to press the ‘Save Changes’ button.

      Edivently LMS

      Congratulations! You just installed Edivently LMS on your system. Now you can create courses, quizzes, assignments, courses categories, and set payment options on your website.

      Edivently LMS also offers you options like content dripping, expire access, manage students, user profiles, custom badges, and offer certificates.